About Us

Company Overview

Founded in 2013, DD Innova Tech Co.,Ltd. has emerged as a respective and professional group of companies mainly concentrating on media solutions and platform operation. At DD Innova Tech Co.,Ltd., we believe in the power of media that influences all aspects of society. Our platform definitely makes every family, social group, organization and company have an easy, effective access to the HUB of information and entertainment and we guarantee to offer the most satisfactory customer experience when using the platform as well as offering the expansion of streaming contents, especially for movies and television programs. Most significantly our core value is "Creativity and Innovation" which can lead you to obtain more knowledge, ideas and pleasure. Let us be part of shaping good synergy throughout the world for you,"Imagine more" what we can do in the future.

Our Business Group

We provide business teams with a winder stretch of business opportunity through our strong network base